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  • I have sales and/or management experience. Do I still have to start at an entry-level position?
    Yes. We believe that before you can coach a team, you have to know how to play the game. Having served in every position of our Management Training Program, our Market Managers are well equipped to not only coach from the sidelines but also play alongside their team.
  • How can I advance within the company?
    That is up to you and your work ethic. Once you begin in the entry-level sales and marketing position, you have control over your own advancement. Pay increases and promotions are earned by personal output alone and are not limited by corporate budgets or the bureaucracy of seniority.
  • Is training provided?
    Yes, and it is paid! Our Management Training Program equips our team members for success in this industry. Training includes learning more about our client's product, adapting effective sales and marketing techniques, becoming comfortable with public speaking, and adopting the neccessary leadership skills for team management.
  • Is this a commission-only position?
    Absolutely not! We compensate our employees on a weekly basis with hourly wages as well as uncapped commissions; however, hourly wages are negotiable based on background and experience. In addition to this, bonuses and incentives are rewarded based on productivity.
  • Am I required to sell door-to- door, business-to- business, or over the phone?
    No, as we believe these are outdated methods of marketing. Our clients hire us to engage customers on a face-to- face level, so we can build lasting relationships based on the fundamentals of good customer service.
  • What is the company culture like?
    We believe a little friendly competition amongst team members can be the source of motivation you need to achieve great heights within our company. That being said, we have built a fast-paced and exciting work environment that is bound to provide you with essential career skills from communication to leadership.
5 Tips To Dominate Your Interview

So, you got a killer resume, right? Great! The job is yours. Not how it works. While a resume is a vital part of your interview there are so many other key factors that go into achieving a great interview. A resume after all is only words on a piece of paper. You must be able to sell yourself, your personality, your job experience and most of all your work ethic. We’re not just looking for someone that fits the criteria, we’re looking for someone we can connect with. It’s okay to be nervous/anxious. In fact, that’s normal. But don’t be anxious because you didn’t prepare properly.

Don’t be nervous because you didn’t do your research. Follow these 5 tips and I can guarantee your next interview will go smoother whether it’s here with us, at EPIC Consulting Group, or any other job interview in your future!

1) Do your research.

Don’t be that guy/gal that walks into an interview not knowing what the company does, what position you are interviewing for, or what the company stands for. We know that with today’s technology there are dozens of apps that make it so easy for you to apply to hundreds of jobs with the click of a button. But it just does not look good when a company calls you and you say “Uh, what job was this? What was the company called? I applied to so many jobs.” Fake it till you make it!!! There is so much information online, if after you have done your research you still have questions, shoot them an e-mail! Give them a call! I am sure they will answer any questions you may have. Find out what the manager is like, follow their social media. What is their company culture like? Does this look like a place you see yourself working at? It is the year 2017, most of your questions should be answered by looking at their website and social media; but like I said if you still have questions, reach out to them. Walking in to your interview and being able to open up with a line such as: “Hey my name is Dan, and I loved that event your company attended last week! It looked like a lot of fun!”, will build a bridge between you and the interviewer. This will create a connection and make the interview process that much smoother.

2) Dress for Success

This should be a no-brainer since most jobs have a strict business professional attire dress code. Understand that some jobs don’t require this, such as jobs at the mall or maybe fast food, but just because they don’t require it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Make sure you always ask what the dress code is if they didn’t already tell you. With our company, we ask for business professional. This means no jeans, no tennis shoes and sandals. Think Dress to Impress. With our company, you risk being asked to reschedule or just being turned away if you don't come in dressed properly as we let our applicants know over the phone and via e-mail through a confirmation e-mail. Not following through makes you look irresponsible, not prepared and most of all lets the interviewer know you are not serious about the job opportunity as you were not listening to the instructions you were given. You do NOT want this to happen to you!! If you absolutely cannot comply, shoot them an e-mail and let them know ahead of time, so that it doesn’t count against you.

3) Don’t Be Negative

We get it. The reason you are looking for new employment is because you were unhappy with your prior workplace. However, this is not the time to air your previous employers’ dirty laundry out. We want to know why you want to join THIS company, speaking poorly about your previous employer tells us you want to join ANY company. Separate the personal from the professional. We are not interested in hearing how terrible your last boss was and how miserable she/he made you feel. We want to know if you can maintain your professionalism with any company. This could be a major red flag and you could lose your entire opportunity. At the end of the day you can give off the impression that you are just a “complainer” and you will leave the company thinking if you do this with every employer. If you happen to let anything slip always steer the conversation back to a positive note, make sure it is known that most of all you have a great attitude!!!

4) Be Prepared – Cheat Sheet

There’s a couple of things that are standard when it comes to a job interview. The first being to bring a resume. Now just because you have a resume doesn’t mean you won’t have to fill out an application or other paperwork. Make sure you know your references; your previous employers address and contact numbers. Nothing is worse than an applicant asking if they “have to” fill everything out. This might give off the wrong impression. If you can’t be bothered to fill out paperwork properly how can we as the employer expect you to do your job efficiently? My suggestion is to make a cheat sheet. Whether it’s on your phone or printed out. Have this information ready to go in one place so you can easily transfer it onto any paperwork needed for the interview process. It also can’t hurt to write down some common interview questions and have an answer ready to go. What is your greatest weakness? What sets you apart from the rest? And remember to be on TIME!!!!! Being late is a huge red flag and shows you are not reliable! Both you and the employer can thank me later!

5) Personality – Sell Yourself

Last but not least… my personal favorite…. PERSONALITY!!! We know you have one, now show it to us! 9 times out of 10 we will hire someone based on personality over experience. We can teach you how to do the job, but we can’t teach you to have an awesome personality. By this I mean, tell us about yourself. Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you? Why are you better than the next? Don't wait for us to ask you. However If we do as you, don't give one word answers. Show us your speaking skills. Back up what is on your resume. For the most part, all employers are looking for motivated individuals with a student mentality. Be positive and keep a smile on your face. We know you’re nervous, but like I previously stated. Fake it till you make it. Exude confidence. Trust in yourself. Now go out there and get that job!

Welcome to EPIC Consulting Group.