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Phases Of Management
  • 1st - Brand Ambassador
    In the Brand Ambassador phase, you will learn how to effectively execute an in-store marketing campaign for one of our Fortune 500 Clients. The Brand Ambassador is usually the first line of contact for new and existing customers so a big part of the Brand Ambassador phase is customer service. Once this is learned the Brand Ambassador will then help manage their own in-store marketing campaign.
  • 2nd - Corporate Trainer
    In the Corporate Trainer phase, you will be responsible for multiple in-store marketing campaigns throughout the city. The Corporate Trainer will train other Brand Ambassadors with our proven management development cycle. The Corporate Trainer will also help the company conduct 2nd round interviews, to help explain to potential employees what ECG does for our clients.
  • 3rd - Assistant Marketing Director
    The Assistant Marketing Director responsibilities turn more from in front of the scenes to behind the scenes. The Assistant Marketing Director will start their training in payroll, interviews, and learn the banking and budget. The Assistant Marketing Director will learn how to work with the clients and plan the expansion goals.
  • 4th - Marketing Director
    The Marketing Director role starts with Brand Management. The Marketing Director is responsible for in-store marketing campaigns in the territory. The Marketing Director will be responsible for making sure the in-store marketing campaigns represent our clients standards, along with the retail stores standards and along with our standards. With every Marketing Director starting from entry level and working their way up we are able to continually deliver the results everyone is looking for year after year.

By taking advantage of our Business/Management training and opportunities for professional development, even those with limited work experience can build personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime. The future is bright and consistent at EPIC Consulting Group for individuals that are team players, creative thinkers and self starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.


No matter how badly we all want success, the importance of truth in marketing can be invaluable to the length of your businesses success. Laying out the product or service in a genuine manner will help to acquire the consumer, but also keep the consumers business moving forward with a strong relationship and loyalty. Our marketing campaigns can highlight your business in the most truthful and professional manner possible.


There is no better way to allow a consumer to find value in your products and services than to allow them to experience them for themselves. Our approach of human interaction helps to ensure that the consumer has the opportunity to do just that. We don’t use fancy tricks to secure their business, we involve them in the decision they are making by presenting them with the correct information and allowing them to be in control.


When choosing a team to give your business exposure, it’s important to remember that they will be representing your entire business structure. EPIC Consulting Group prides itself on hand picking the team that will oversee your marketing campaigns and making sure that they have the clients best interest at heart. Representing your business is a privilege we don’t take lightly.


When it’s all said and done and the consumer has put their faith in your business the word of mouth reviews from their personal experiences are what make the real difference in the level of success the campaign can offer. Backing up a spectacular campaign with the same level of support and customer service is key. Getting your team ready for what the consumer expects is a vital part of the equation.